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How to use chatbot marketing to increase sales
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How Does Chatbot Marketing Work?

Discover how this method of marketing can massively grow your business on autopilot. Play the video below.

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How Does It Benefit Real Estate Professionals?

Here’s a real chatbot in action made for a Real Estate Firm.
Play the video below to get an idea of how it works.

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Here's A Chatbot To Collect Google Reviews For Your Business.

Play the video below to see it in action

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Benefits Of Using A Chatbot In Your Business

  • Instant transactions
  • 14 Times Higher CTR
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • Increases Retention Rates
  • Mobile Engagement (Very Important)
  • Instant and consistent answers
  • Helps cut down on operational costs
  • Provide greater customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer interaction and sales
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of customers
  • Chatbots showcase new products and services
  • Costumer Service Improvement through Data collection
  • Chatbots are excellent tools to process a large volume of requests
  • An much more…

How Does Genius Chatbot Help You?

how to use chatbot marketing to increase sales for your business

We will create, personalize your own chatbot per your needs and will enable and manage it as well. We will also connect the chatbot to your website and Facebook business page.

Watch this ChatBot in action right now Live! Just log in to your Facebook profile by clicking the messenger icon at the bottom right hand side of this screen. If you’re using Firefox and don’t see the icon, follow this instructions by CLICKING HERE. Why Facebook messenger? Because Facebook is where the world hangs out and is exactly where you want to expose your Biz/Services to. Once you’re logged in to your Facebook profile,  your Facebook messenger window will open automatically & you’ll see a message from me in it. All you do at this point is Click/Tap the “Get Started” button & the chatbot will start a conversational engagement with you live.

For Pricing Information And Other Questions Please Fill Out The Form Below With Your Questions. Hablamos Español También.

Who uses chatbot engagement marketing?

The internet giants are starting to use chatbot marketing such as: google, Yahoo, eBay, Disney World, etc.  So as you can see, these giants are using chatbots because they know this type of Robotic engagement works for them.  And now YOU too can take advantage of it. Remember, these giants are just now starting to use this, so don’t just watch success happen to others, take action and get  your own engagement chatbot marketing TODAY!

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